1. OkamiOfFire

    LF Marshadow

    Have hidden ability Alola Vulpix & Sandshrew, Shaymin, Lv100 6IV shiny Mawhile, shiny Paras, shiny Butterfree, shiny Sandshrew, and HA and Own Tempo Rockruffs if interested at all. Have a couple of other hidden abilities I can breed extras of pretty quick, like Kanto Vulpix and every starter. I...
  2. M

    Looking for Mythical Pokemon

    I have a lvl 100 Kartana with pokerus (is that a good thing? idk) I'd like Mew Jirachi, or Celebi sorry I'm probably really bad at this. Someone tell me if this pokemon is even worth any of those seeing how they'd seem annoying to get. sorry for awkwardness or stupidity i'm new here My FC-...
  3. M

    LF LF Mew, Hoopa, Volcanion for dex FT Mythical & Legends, legit/hacked/event

    Looking for Mew, Hoopa, and Volcanion for living dex, don't especially care if they are legit or not. Have the following for trade: 2x Hacked Marshadow (Lv. 100) 1x Hacked Mewtwo (Lv. 100) 1x Hacked Landorus (Lv. 100) 1x 10th Aniversary Celebi (Lv. 70) 1x Legit Pheromosa (Lv. 60) 1x Legit...
  4. george9562

    Closed Modest Tapu Lele Anyone?

    Looking For a modest Tapu lele(ivs dont matter) I am offering my Event 2016 Virtual console Mew for it(yes its legit) Thank you in advance
  5. Coolflare

    LF Jolly Mew with Fake out and Tailwind

    Hello. I'm new here if u didn't notice. Im looking for a jolly Mew with Fake Out and Tailwind for my doubles OU team. What I can currently offer is: Adamant regenerator Ho-oh 31/31/31/31/31/31 Sacred fire Brave Bird Earthquake Roost Shiny protean Greninja nicknamed Ninja Gaiden (I can't change...
  6. T

    2 low level mew

    I'm looking for two low level mew. Lowest level possible? Offering 500pc
  7. C

    Closed Looking for low level Mew - 250 PC

    Title says it. I'm looking for a low level Mew. Offering 250 PC. Thanks!
  8. U

    Active LVL. 100 +LVL. 10 GameFreak Mew Shiny (Modest/Synchronize) – ASKING PRICE (300PC)

    Friend Code: 2981-9377-4919 Fast Trade! Pokemon Name: Mew (GameFreak) Max IV's, Max Level & Choice of Shiny Price: 300PC OBO Quantity: 5 Additional Info: Buy one and get a shiny starter from any region of your choice for FREE! This is also tradable on Sun and Moon or ORAS only Pokemon Name...
  9. Storm DP

    LF: Event Mew

    Hello, im looking for a legit event mew. Have a couple legendary/ event pokemon you can choose from. -Hoopa, lvl 50, timid, magician. -Shiny Darkrai, lvl 50, timid, bad dreams. -Shaymin, lvl 100, Hasty, Natural Cure. -Meloetta, lvl 100, Bashful, Serene Grace. -Genesect, lvl 100, Lonely, Download.
  10. Owl

    S/T> N/A - Genesect Codes & Some Shinies /w Owl

    [Selling or Trading Mythical Genesect Codes & Some Shinies] ** 8 N/A Genesect Codes Left ** What i have my sights on: -Meloetta (Cloned or not doesn't matter the level) -Genesect (Would want one not in a cherish ball) -Shiny Squirtle -Shiny Warturtle -Shiny Blastoise -Mew -Hoopa -Volcanion...
  11. T

    Active 20th Aniversary Arceus For Sale/Trade

    20th Anniversary Arceus 100PC Will Trade Arceus For (Serious) NATURE Event Pokeball Vivillon Will Trade Arceus For (Serious) NATURE Event Fancy Vivillon I Will Be Adding More Content Soon Enough.. Pokedex Is Almost Finished.. I Also Breed 5 And 6 (iv) Pokemon.. Any Nature You Want.. Message...
  12. T

    Closed Mew (Spain)

    Looking To Trade Mew Location (Spain) (OT)- GF (ID)- 02016 Level.100 Looking For Same Trainer And ID Mew But USA Location.. My Friend Code Is 3926-9144-6553 Add Me If Youd Like To Trade Ill Be Up Most The Night..
  13. MeowItsLauren

    Active Pokemon 20 Event Mew for 75PC~

    The title really says it all. I've got a spare event Mew I'd like to get off my hands, for the price of 75PC. Ask if you want any specifics on it. (IVs, nature etc.) Since I don't have my 3DS with me at the moment I can't post the details right here right now. -Lauren
  14. T

    Searching for Meloetta!

    I am looking for a Meloetta and I will trade it for a Lvl 100 Mew. X3
  15. Zenovis

    Active Extra Mew Codes

    Hey guys! I have two extra Mew codes from the June newsletter, and I'm going to sell them for 60pc each :D *NOTE: The codes will not work for you if you've already redeemed a Mew from the February distribution event*
  16. ccrlss

    Pokemon 20 Mew

    selling my 20th anniversary event mew , make offer. email [email protected] or text 5404352513
  17. P

    FT 2 mew and 2 darkrai codes (1 EU and 1 NA of each)

    looking mainly for good offers i like battle ready pokemon or shiny pokemon will look at all offers thank you :)
  18. sonic1100

    Closed shiny mew

    I'm looking for a shiny mew the pokemon below are the ones I have for trade and since it's mew I'll trade more than one for it. Special Pokemon up for trade {non-Siny} Meloetta Shaymin Celebi Manphy Darkrai Kaldeo Shines up for trade Dialga 2013 event Palkia 2013 event Giratina 2013 event...
  19. SikoKinesis

    Looking to Buy a Mew

    My girlfriend really wants a mew and this is the only way I know how to get one in ORAS. Message me with an offer, please c:
  20. nunoandrew

    Trade Completed looking for a mew

    looking for a mew guys, help me out. I have a lot to offer.