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pokemon sun moon

  1. Element Of Smash

    SuMo Breeding Qs and As

    Hey guys! After a long weekend of Max Repels and mashing A through cutscenes that I know in my heart of hearts are unskippable, I finally finished the main questline for Pokemon Sun! Final time? A little over 20h. Whew! "Now," I think to myself, "the real fun can begin!" I'm super eager to see...
  2. Loli-Shark

    Fan Theories

    I've just seen a thing... and it was pretty interesting to me. It probably has no relevance to Sun and Moon, but if you follow the patterns of Venus and Earth around the sun, you get a shape similar to the shape of Pokemon Moon. If you stop at 6 seconds, you get the shape. So maybe there'll...
  3. E

    Active Luxray - Jolly Nature - Guts Ability - 35 PokeCredits

    Pokemon Name: Luxray Price: 35 PokeCredits Quantity: 1 This Pokemon is not shiny, but it does have perfect IVs and is completely legit. :)
  4. Chem

    Who Has Their Pokemon (Sun/Moon) On Pre Order

    I know I got my pre order done thanks to eb games