1. Pokemaniac


    Event/Custom Pokeman Giveaway!!! All you have to do is like this post and comment your FC and ign for a chance to win any event/custom pokeman you want! Giveaway ends August 4th, 2018. *I will choose 1 winner if there's 20 or less participants and 2 winners for more than 20 participants!* I...
  2. V

    Giving away shiny Kartana

    I have a shiny kartana ready to giveaway. I don’t need a specific Pokemon in return. All I ask is you follow me on Twitter @xTheEnigmatic, I may not reply here so it’ll be easier there.
  3. cfeliciano98

    Challenge: Create a Competive Team from my Favorite Pokemon

    I usually create Pokemon teams from using my Favorite Pokemon only, I have decent success with the process. Usually focusing on one mon that i love with other mons to support it in battle (mons that I also love). Lately I’ve been struggling to come up with a team around Greninja with Pokemon I...
  4. B

    Closed Shiny Pokémon for sale

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F332567932143 Here’s a link to the pictures of the Pokémon that are available (sorry I’m on my phone so it wouldn’t let me upload the pictures directly), all are shiny, message me for any questions
  5. XibiT

    Closed Shiny Stoutland

    Mainly looking for offers.
  6. XibiT

    Closed Shiny Lycanroc

    Looking to trade for a Shiny lycanroc I have: Shiny stoutland Thunderus Mespirit Regi-rock Regi-steel Typhlosion Palkia
  7. KuroX23

    Closed Kuro's Shop [Ultra Sun/Moon] Any Pokemon Cheap and Fast :)

    I started so i will make my forum look better through time Now that im done i need to make some cool animated banner xd Give me recommendations like what else should i offer .and note i made this using the forum of i mimic you and acebreeder-brock i will update the forum later on About Me SUP...
  8. M00n__Man


    Each Event Pokemon for trade is 60PC each:
  9. Incognito187

    Lf Ralts with Hyper Voice

    nature and Ivs don’t matter I am willing to give a shiny pikipek or a shiny pelipper My FC is 2767-1972-7861
  10. K

    LF Any Shinies FT: HA Pokemon

    I'm looking for any shiny really. I do have a shiny female golbat for trade also.. but I am also trading HA pokemon and uncommon pokemon. They're mostly all level 1 pokemon, and have good IVs. //HA POKEMON Minccino (M) Froakie (M) Girafarig (M/F) Bulbasaur (M) Torchic (M) Purrloin (M/F)...
  11. K

    FT SHINY Ribombee/Gyarados/Delibird/Scoliopede/Crobat/TYPE: Null

    UPDATE --- I'm looking for these specific shinies, but I'm welcome to any others that interest me. My #1 Priority to last: LF: A-Vulpix + evolutions Rowlet + evolutions Popplio + evolutions (FT) More info on my shinies: Crobat - Female/Dusk Ball/Inner Focus/36/Modest Gyarados -...
  12. K

    FT FT: Shiny Magikarp(Gyarados)/Crobat/Ribombee/Type: Null/Delibird

    I'm looking for these specific shinies, but I'm welcome to any others that interest me. - Popplio + its evolutions - Rowlet + its evolutions - Froakie + evolutions - Ralts + evolutions - Alolan Vulpix + evolutions - Goomy + evolutions More info on my shinies: Crobat - Female/Dusk...
  13. meowthie

    Closed ~Angie's 60 PC CHEAP Shop of Shines!!~|SuMo| AusLove, Shinies, 6 IV, Battle Ready +

    ~Hello there!!~:Tongue: My name is Angie and welcome to my friendlyy shop!!! What I am selling is AusLove pokemon, and other shiny pokemon that I have received through trades, wonder trades and streams! I've recently decided I'd like to hunt for any shinies i receive on my own, so that they feel...
  14. M00n__Man

    Closed Tired of breeding all day? Come buy our cloning/genning services today!

    M00n__Man's Emporium! Here in M00n__Man's Emporium you can order a variety of Pokemon or if your satisfied with how your Pokemon are and want to spread the love with copies of that Pokemon you can ask for cloning services! You can contact us through discord at: https://discord.gg/PswcGBs...
  15. Disturb4nce

    Closed Disturb4nce’s shop | Under Construction

  16. Sara Crystal

    Trade Completed Looking for hidden ability Mereanie and Lapras.

    Hello, Im looking fir HA Mereanie and Lapras. I can offer HA Eevees with egg moves wish and stored power, then HA Vulpix. I can also offer female Combee or Various startes rare in Sun and Moon. Thank you for any response :)
  17. DanteDahPotato

    Closed Non hacked Pokémon

    Hey someone told me about everyone using hacks, if you want legit Pokémon you can go to my store. Otherwise have fun by your usual dealer! My prices (no legends) (Deals I make are cheaper) 1 customized Pokémon costs 90 Pokécredits 5 customized Pokémon costs 400 Pokécredits 10 customized Pokémon...
  18. DanteDahPotato

    Closed Breed requests and cheaper already breed deals

    (Deals I make are cheaper) 1 customized Pokémon costs 90 Pokécredits 5 customized Pokémon costs 400 Pokécredits 10 customized Pokémon costs 760 Pokécredits It can take some time for me to breed the Pokémon you want and even though 31 Ivs can be guaranteed 0 Ivs are a lot harder to get so it...
  19. Thepokemonlover

    Closed Pokemon Sun And Moon Shiny Johto Starters lv 100 50 pokecoins 6iv

    Meganium: type: Grass Nature: Impish Ability: Overgrow Held item: Miracle seed Moves: Synthesis, Petal Dance, Petal Blizzard, and Solar Beam. Typhlosion: Type: Fire Nature: Hardy Ability: Blaze Held Item: Charcoal Moves: Eruption, Double-Edge, Extrasensory, and Rollout Feraligator: Type: Water...
  20. Jazzy


    Selling Competitives, Newly Hatched Babies, Events, Legendaries, and Rare Shinies CUSTOMS AVAILABLE FOR 190 PC The theme of this is just for aesthetic, if that wasn't obvious. Keppa is a mascot for this shop, and I will be typing as her to add more effect. Outside of Keppa's character, my name...