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Permanently Closed (Previous Season) Elite Four Application

This Gym, or information, is from an older season and is now Permanently closed.
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GYMS are currently CLOSED (12/03/2022)
How to apply:
- At the start of every new season a tournament will be held to determine the first 4 Elite Four members of the season ( those who have earned a minimum of 8 gym badges may participate in said tournament)
- If you are applying for the Elite Four and meet the prerequisites, respond to this thread and you will be raised to an Elite Four member
- There can exist multiple Elite Four at a time up to a maximum of 6, new Elite Four will be updated on the Elite Four list
- Elite Four will be awarded the title of "Elite Four" and the privileges to award badges ( Elite Four are only permitted to award the challenger badge to first time challengers and the gym badge corresponding to their Monotype team after they have been defeated following a formal challenge)

- Aspiring Elite Four must first earn a total of 8 gym badges and the challenger badge

- The Elite Four will challenge you using a Monotype team of which you do not possess a gym badge
- Elite Four must follow the appropriate Monotype clause ( 6 Pokémon with the same type. Dual typing is allowed, but they must all share a common type with the exception of a terastallized Pokemon)
- Elite Four are allowed the use of one Pokemon that does not normally share a common type, but does share a common tera type ( this Pokemon must be immediately terastallized once on the battle field and cannot be switched out before terastallizing)
- Both Elite Four and challenges must adhere to our community banlist: here
- Both Elite Four and challengers must adhere to the following:
Sleep Clause (you may not put two of your opponent's Pokémon to sleep)
Dupe Clause (no more than 1 of the same Pokemon per team)
Evasion Clause (may not use a move which has the sole effect of raising Evasion, namely Double Team and Minimize)
- Battles can take place on showdown only if BOTH PARTIES agree to it.
- Elite Four cannot use showdown as their ONLY means of battling. Meaning you must have a wifi team ready in case a challenger doesn't use showdown
- Battle format and Monotype is chosen and declared by the Elite Four at the time of accepting a challenge ( singles, doubles, 6v6)

*Elite Four MUST post their challengers/winners after each battle

Not open for further replies.