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Closed John Cena's Item Shop! All Items Sold Here For Great Prices!

John Cena

Youngster Joey
All trade able items are being sold here for VERY low prices! I am not including the Power Items, for my own reasons. Anyway, the discounts are HUGE and the prices aren't so request me an item! (I'm online when it says active.) the items do include bottlecaps. To order Items, PM me or just post below, enjoy! ;D

Prices: 1 item 60 PC
Bottle Caps: 63 PC
Golden Caps: 65 PC

DISCOUNTS: Buy 5 items and get 5% off your next order!

Buy 10 Bottle Caps get 10% off your next order!
Buy 15 Golden Caps get 15% off your next order!
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Youngster Joey
assault vest

IGN: Haven
FC: 2337-7696-5196
plz inform me thru chat message that u are working on it so I don't get one on another forum


Youngster Joey
Hi i am looking to purchase a pidgeotite for my pokemon sun. Please let me know when i could do this. :)

My friend code is: 4227-2728-8884