Patch Notes 2024.06.01


King of the Ring
Staff member

Hello Everyone!​

For those interested in following along with improvements to the website, I'll keep a public record of patch notes (when I remember), so you can view the changes. We've been working hard to implement improvements, additions, and bug fixes to enhance your experience on Your feedback is invaluable, and here's what's new:


  • Your shop's short URL will now appear in the URL bar. This makes it easier to share shop links.
  • By default, shops will now be sorted by most user feedback and average star count.
  • Email notifications should now work as expected when someone responds to your shop, gym, or a thread you've 'watched.' This should solve the issue of gym leaders not knowing when their gyms are being challenged without manually checking the thread. Now, they should receive an email notification and a website alert. You can also enable push notifications in your account preferences here: Account Preferences. This will send notifications to your phone or other supported devices.
  • User Interface Enhancements: Minor tweaks have been made to the website’s design for a smoother and more intuitive user experience.
Bug Fixes:

  • Profile Picture Uploads: Fixed an issue where some users were unable to upload or change their profile pictures.
  • Private Messaging: Resolved a bug that caused delays in sending and receiving private messages.
New Content: We are launching a new series of competitive short videos on our social media channels! Here is the first in the series: Great Tusk Competitive Build and Strategy. Expect more in the coming days/weeks.

Thank you all! :)