The Top 10 Competitive Pokémon That Dominated Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Ranked Battles

The Top 10 Competitive Pokémon That Dominated Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Ranked Battles

By doulie

Regulation F Dominators: Pokémon That Shook the Competitive Scene​

With Regulation F in the rearview, some Pokémon have truly stood out. Here’s our ranking of the top 10 competitive Pokémon so far, detailing their strengths, weaknesses, and why they’ve earned their spots. While these Pokémon dominated in Regulation F, keep in mind that Regulation G is already shaking things up by allowing the use of one restricted Pokémon.


10. Annihilape (Fighting/Ghost)

Kicking off our list is Annihilape. With its unique typing and strong offensive capabilities, Annihilape combines physical power with great bulk. It excels with moves like Rage Fist and Bulk Up, making it a formidable sweeper. However, it does require setup time to reach its full potential.


9. Tornadus (Flying)

Coming in at number nine, Tornadus is a fantastic support Pokémon in doubles battles. With the Prankster ability, it gets priority on status moves like Tailwind and Taunt. This allows it to control the pace of the game effectively. Its main drawback is its vulnerability to strong Electric and Rock-type moves.


8. Incineroar (Fire/Dark)

At number eight, Incineroar is a staple in doubles thanks to its Intimidate ability, which lowers the Attack of opposing Pokémon. It also has access to Fake Out, allowing it to disrupt the opponent’s strategy. Its low Speed can be a downside, but its bulk often compensates for this.


7. Chien-Pao (Dark/Ice)

Chien-Pao earns the seventh spot with its high Speed and Attack. Moves like Sucker Punch and Icicle Crash make it a deadly offensive threat. However, its frailty and weaknesses to common Fighting and Fairy-type moves can be exploited by savvy opponents.


6. Dragonite (Dragon/Flying)

Coming in at number six, Dragonite’s Multiscale ability allows it to survive powerful hits when at full health. Combine that with Dragon Dance, and it becomes an unstoppable sweeper. Its major weakness is Ice-type moves, which are four times effective against it.


5. Urshifu-Rapid Strike (Water/Fighting)

Urshifu-Rapid Strike takes the fifth spot with its ability, Unseen Fist, allowing it to bypass Protect. Its signature move, Surging Strikes, guarantees critical hits, making it a consistent damage dealer. It struggles against Fairy and Electric types, which can easily counter it.


4. Amoonguss (Grass/Poison)

Amoonguss is a fantastic support Pokémon, especially in doubles, where it shines with moves like Spore and Rage Powder. Its ability, Regenerator, allows it to heal when switching out, making it incredibly durable. However, it needs to watch out for strong Psychic and Fire-type moves.


3. Gholdengo (Steel/Ghost)

Gholdengo grabs the third spot with its strong Special Attack and unique typing, providing both offensive power and defensive utility. Its signature move, Make It Rain, is particularly devastating. Its main weakness is its reliance on special moves, which can be mitigated by opponents with high Special Defense.


2. Iron Hands (Electric/Fighting)

Coming in as number two, Iron Hands boasts significant bulk and powerful physical attacks. Its ability, Quark Drive, enhances its performance in Electric Terrain, making it a versatile threat. Its lower Speed is its primary weakness, but its durability often compensates for this flaw.


1. Flutter Mane (Ghost/Fairy)

Drum roll for number one! Flutter Mane tops our list with its incredible Speed and Special Attack stats. The Protosynthesis ability further boosts its capabilities, making it a top-tier offensive threat. Its frailty is its main downside, but with proper support, Flutter Mane can sweep entire teams.

These Pokémon have proven to be the best in Regulation F, each bringing unique strengths to the table. As we move into Regulation G, which allows the use of one restricted Pokémon, the competitive scene is sure to evolve further.

Stay tuned for more competitive Pokémon guides, and let us know your thoughts on these rankings!