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  • As Year One of college comes to a close, I only hope to find something to do with my life. If you need anything email me:
    Semester One is coming to a close, spent 20 hours or more on this last assignment... Now you understand my title
    Oh crap I'm about to run out of mobile data, on 3MB left :( I need to get internet again
    Can't wait for NSCC, gonna get that Information Technology all up in this here brain. Hopefully get enuf $$ to fund video projects.
    Do you ever procrastinate and then its the last semester of Highschool and then you have to figure out college and then life happens? pffft
    Waiting for Windows 10...
    I'm downloading it on my work computer first. I'm not taking any chances on my personal computer :p
    Today Americans remember the war between Will Smith and the Aliens, and us Non-Americans remember too, because its on TV on repeat all day.
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