1. S

    FT FT: Pokeball Vivillon, 2 Cap Pikachus, XY Event Torchic w/ Speed Boost.

    I have 2 pokeball vivillons, 2 cap pikas (1 ‘I choose you’ cap & 1 Alola cap), and the event torchic from X and Y with the speed boost ability for trade for either a shiny pichu, pikachu, or Alolan raichu. I also have a shiny hippowdon and a shiny chandelure for trade too. I’m willing to offer...
  2. funfair91

    Closed Event Emporium | All Events | Cheap | Friendly | Untouched

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3669-0624-9741 Status: Online --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description Hey everyone! I am funfair91! I new to perfectpokemon. However, I have lots...
  3. meowthie

    Closed ~Angie's 60 PC CHEAP Shop of Shines!!~|SuMo| AusLove, Shinies, 6 IV, Battle Ready +

    ~Hello there!!~:Tongue: My name is Angie and welcome to my friendlyy shop!!! What I am selling is AusLove pokemon, and other shiny pokemon that I have received through trades, wonder trades and streams! I've recently decided I'd like to hunt for any shinies i receive on my own, so that they feel...
  4. Grangerbob01

    Active LF Naive BR Diancie FT Event Meloetta & Event Tapu Koko

    Hey, I am looking for a Naïve BR Diancie. I have a timid meloetta and a japan exclusive shiny BR timid tapu koko to trade for it. PM please
  5. Sombrero Guy

    Active [SHOP] Pokemon With Sombreros [6IV/Shiny/Legendary/Event/Battle-Ready]

    GRAND OPENING ~ GET 10% OFF ANY ORDER Hello and welcome to my shop. I'm new to this community but not to selling pokemon or other things. I'm a highly trusted member of another forum but this shouldn't matter here. In my shop you will find any kinds of Pokemon which are either self-bred...
  6. Mario Kaito

    Closed Mario's Trusted SUN/MOON Custom Shop! Everything 60 PC!

    Hello Pokemon Trainers of the PP Community! ^_^ Welcome to my new trusted Sun & Moon Shop! Anything you get from this shop costs 60 PC! Also you can check out some special offers listed below and see what you can get from this shop. My previous shops will be permanently closed. So I will be...
  7. Cheza

    Pokémon Sun&Moon - The North America Event Magearna QR Code - PP Times

    The event Magearna is available in North America. To obtain this event simply scan the QR code with the QR code scanner through your Rotom Pokédex. You will need to be in post game to obtain your Magearna in-game. I will update this post with the European QR code upon release.
  8. T

    Closed Event Mewtwo FEB2012 USA Local

    I Have A Full Pokedex So I'm Open For Almost Any Trade But At The Moment The Only Tradable Legends I Have Are 2x 20th Victini And 1x 20th Arceus I Will Also Do A 2 For 1 Trade For Event Mewtwo.. PM Me I Will Be Waiting For An Offer..
  9. GintokiSan

    Active Gintoki's Legit Event Shop - 200+ Unique Event Pokemon In Stock - Reopening Special Inside

    Welcome to my shop, here I will be selling LEGIT CLONED UT event pokemon. Events Older than a month: 60 PC Events 2 weeks - 1 month old: 100 PC Events less than two weeks old: 150 PC Limited Time Stock: 5 NA Arceus Codes only 75 pc Each Discounts: *Special Reopening Discount: 50% off on all...
  10. The DJD

    Closed LF Hallowe'en Event Pumpkaboo

    Details of what I'm after can be found here. We can barter the selling price.
  11. VSGamer

    Closed LF> Pikachu with Surf and Fly :D

  12. T

    Closed Hidden Ability Darumaka/Brine Kabuto

    If Anyone Has Either Of These Let Me Know And I Can Offer For A Trade.. Help Would Be Appreciated Been Hunting For These 2 For A Couple Weeks Now Without Luck..
  13. T

    Trade Completed XYZ Event Legend Trio

    Looking To Trade For: Event Xerneas Event Yveltal Event Zygarde Must Be North American Event Only.. Message Me For Friend Code Swap And Trade Details..
  14. T

    Trade Completed Event Vivillion

    Im Looking For Both Event Vivillons With Serious Natures.. Event Pokeball Vivillion Event Fancy Vivillion Will Trade 20th Aniversary Arceus And A Event Hidden Ability Serperior.. I Have Plenty Of Arceus So You Can Take 2 If You Wish..
  15. S1lentnarwhal

    Closed S1lentnarwhal's Shop - All Items

    Feedback Is Appreciated Current Specials: All requests are being delivered by Delivery Delibirds! Each delivery has a 1/10 chance of being a shiny delivery delibird! Delivery Delibird Stats: Please Note: ALL requests must be legal and obtainable ingame! 60PC - Buy 1 Get 2 Free of the...
  16. Glitchy

    Event Shiny Rayquaza, Diancie, Darkrai AND MORE - 100 PC EACH!!

    comment below with which one you'd like! - Celebi - Shiny Rayquaza - Darkrai - Diancie - Jirachi - Hoopa - Shiny charizard - Shiny Gengar - Shiny Mamoswine I also have other event pokemon such as - XY torchic - Pumpkaboo - Dragonite - Sharpedo AND MORE!! let me know if there's one you're...
  17. T

    Closed 6ivKeldeo/Arceus/Victini (STILL AVAILABLE)

    Looking To Trade 3 For The 2 Matching Set: Event Spring 2014 Electivire Event Spring 2014 Magmortar Both From Same Area If You Look In Pokémon Summary Will Say At Top Beside Name Ex) USA, Japan, Spain, France, Germany.. My Friend Code Is: 3926-9144-6553 Please Send Your Friend Code In Reply...
  18. MeowItsLauren

    Active Pokemon 20 Event Mew for 75PC~

    The title really says it all. I've got a spare event Mew I'd like to get off my hands, for the price of 75PC. Ask if you want any specifics on it. (IVs, nature etc.) Since I don't have my 3DS with me at the moment I can't post the details right here right now. -Lauren
  19. WordFlyer

    Closed Looking For: Event Volcanion, 2015 event Hoopa, and latest Gamestop Code Darkrai

    Looking for what's in the title. I missed on Hoopa last year somehow (I guess I took a break from playing longer than I realized!) and Darkrai last month. Also want a Volcanion--I've been out of the game for awhile, so correct me if I'm wrong, but he's only been released in Japan so far, right...
  20. Better

    Active Giveaway - Legendary Dogs Gamestop Event

    I will be giving away the Legendary Dogs from the GameStop event back in 2011. They are all 3 untouched and in PC ready for trade. Transferred from HGSS. I am giving away 2 of each. Giveaway ends tomorrow at 2 PM CST. They are all legit. http://www.serebii.net/games/iv-calcxy.shtml <-- Check...