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  1. A

    Happy Hour WANTED

    I am willing to trade a poipole(lvl40/untouched) for a Smeargle/Rockruff with happy hour, if your already has pay day (or anything that would make my training procces easier..) we can negotiate and i might be able to cough up some other legendary...
  2. Papui

    Closed |Papui's Store| !!Get every pokemon CHEAP!! |USUM, ORAS, XY| You're welcome to buy!

    ======================================================= SHOP CLOSED _________________________________________
  3. Daven

    Closed Legit, 6iv Battle ready mons 60pc each USUM

    Pokemon Name: Hydreigon Price: 60pc Additional Info: Bashful, draco, fire blast, superpower, u turn. Pokemon Name: Lucario Price: 60pc Additional Info: Justified, Jolly, Extreme speed, close combat, shadow claw, Swords dance. Pokemon Name: Rotom Price: 60 pc Additional Info: Bold. Pokemon...
  4. DanteDahPotato

    Closed Non hacked Pokémon

    Hey someone told me about everyone using hacks, if you want legit Pokémon you can go to my store. Otherwise have fun by your usual dealer! My prices (no legends) (Deals I make are cheaper) 1 customized Pokémon costs 90 Pokécredits 5 customized Pokémon costs 400 Pokécredits 10 customized Pokémon...
  5. Its_Hyalite

    Active 5IV Magikarps (Jolly/Intimidate) 75 pc, 5 Available (1 F, 4 M)

    Nonshinies, Gen7 born, zero editting/hacking/abusing, born from handcaught magikarp and handcaught ditto as original parents and subsequent offspring. Nonmax IVs are Defense, in the range of 30-28 IV. With a Destiny Knot and Everstone, you can get a 6 IV offspring within minutes, or simply use...
  6. Mimikyute

    FT Shiny for Shiny Trade

    Hi, I'm looking to trade away some shinies I have in return for other shinies, since I have some that I don't particularly like all too much. I will list those that I have and those I am looking for, though the shiny being traded to me does not have to be on the list if I feel I can make an...
  7. gibgibtothecity

    Pokemon Sun/Moon Battle ready 6iv Pokemon for sale cheap

    100PC= 1 fully custom pokemon of your choice 200PC= 2 Fully Custom Pokemon of you choice 300pC= 3 Fully Custom Pokemon of you choice 100pc for every pokemon you request They can be any pokemon from the entire game I will trade you before you pay me, rest assured I offer quality services. FC...
  8. Beck

    Active Beck's Trustable A - Z Shoppe // 70 PC ONLY // Perfect IVs & EVs // Custom SID, OT, TID //

    ♕BECK'S A-Z POKEMON SUN & MOON SHOPPE♕ ~same quality Pokemon, cheaper prices~ SPECIAL OFFER! BUY 2 TEAMS AND GET THE 3RD FREE! BUY 5 GET 2 FREE FOR FIRST TIME BUYERS! For faster replies: https://discord.gg/RnYDtUFA ⚕ SHORT INTRODUCTION ⚕ Hello everyone, my name is Beck. I've been on PP...
  9. GintokiSan

    Active Gintoki's Legit Event Shop - 200+ Unique Event Pokemon In Stock - Reopening Special Inside

    Welcome to my shop, here I will be selling LEGIT CLONED UT event pokemon. Events Older than a month: 60 PC Events 2 weeks - 1 month old: 100 PC Events less than two weeks old: 150 PC Limited Time Stock: 5 NA Arceus Codes only 75 pc Each Discounts: *Special Reopening Discount: 50% off on all...
  10. DCtheLucario

    Closed DC's Awesome Cheap Shop! Legit* Events, Dittos, Shiny Eggs, Shinies, Battle-Ready, Speedy Service!

    Request Any Pokemon you wish! All of my Pokemon are legitimate! All of my Pokemon can be used to Trade and Battle with! All of my Gen 6 Born Pokemon can be used in Official Pokemon Tournaments! I take any kind of requests! All requests must be legit! Please Note** My Timezone is GMT. I can do...
  11. V

    Active MEGA STORE **CHEAP** | 6IVs, HA, Legendaries, ALL EVENTS, Customized Teams

    First time out trading, so am going to keep the prices reasonably low. Can trade for both XY/ORAS will FULL customizable Pokemon. Just ask for whatever you wish, and I will create for you! All Pokemon are fully legit, come with KB icon and a free item of your choice. **No illegal movesets AND...
  12. Better

    Active Better's Custom Shop | Custom | 6 IVs | Shinies | Events | Items | And More!

    *CST Timezone* Hello! Welcome to my shop! You can call me Jake or Better. Info Most of my Pokemon have the blue pentagon. (Meaning it was obtained in Generation 6) All legit Pokemon. Super fast trade, reliable, and cheap prices! I am a trusted seller. Already Made Pokemon / Events Here...
  13. WSawyer

    Looking for Hoopa, Shiny Mawile: offering mew and more

    I'm from Canada and I missed out on the Hoopa event. I'm also looking for a shiny Mawile, preferably female. I can trade the recent Mew event pokemon if anyone missed out on that, and I've also got a few shinies (pichu, rayquaza, samurott among others) as well as 4-5 IV zoruas, kangaskhans and...
  14. Schkrimps

    Active Selling Legit 5IV Gastly's LVL1 20PC

    Hello Ghost lovers! I have Gastly's available, all with the following stats: Gastly Level: 1 Nature: Modest 1 Male and 2 Female 5 perfect IV: (HP/ DEF/ SPATK/ SPDEF/ SPE) Moves: (Hypnosis/ Lick) Item: None
  15. E

    Active Luxray - Jolly Nature - Guts Ability - 35 PokeCredits

    Pokemon Name: Luxray Price: 35 PokeCredits Quantity: 1 This Pokemon is not shiny, but it does have perfect IVs and is completely legit. :)
  16. Luis_VdM

    Active Fast, Legal & Easy PikaShop - 40PC Perfect Pokemon! +20 PC Extra Custom Service First pkm Is Free!

    Hi beautiful people, here is my PikaShop. It's easy, fast and safe. You can give it a try. The first pokemon is free with all services included. I'm a few words man so thats the deal: The main service is only 40PC for one perfect pokemon, it includes all free services. Extra services costs 20...
  17. I

    Active [OR/AS] Imash's All Purpose Shop

    Welcome to my shop! Where the prices are fair and the Pokemon are legit! What I sell I sell anything in OR/AS, I put together custom Pokemon that are suited for your specific needs so you can play the way you want. Contact E-mail: [email protected] Friend Code: 1977-0616-8384 (Please...