1. C

    Need a tradeback on a Cosmoem to complete my Pokedex

    As title says, need someone to trade me a Cosmoem to register it! FC-0350-5554
  2. Zelda

    Closed ♖ Zelda's Pokemon Emporium [ Perfect Pokemon + Shinies! + Discounted Team Prices! ]

    Name: Zelda | Friend Code: 3754-8804-7736 | Trainer Class: Pokemon Breeder + Battler Timezone: MYT [UTC+08:00] I'm available to trade in-game from 5pm to 11pm Click here for the time! I'm a long time Pokemon fan and have been playing since FRLG, all my Pokes are 100% legal and ready to use...
  3. P

    Trade Completed Looking to evolve kadabra on sun

    I just need to evolve my kadabra if someone would be so kind to help me out Pokemon Sun
  4. M

    LF Want shiny Zekrom and shiny Reshiram

    hi there. i'm new here and this is actually my first post. anyway does anyone have 2 each of shiny resiram and zekrom? i want them mainly for casual use, not for any competitive uses (not very good at competitive anyway). i am willing to trade anything except event pokemon (mew, celebi, jirachi...
  5. Dandrone

    Closed Mew´s Ready to Perfection Custom Shop| SuMo, XY| SALES!| CHEAP | All Pokémon | GOOD QUALITY

    Im Dandronep You probably don't know me, but i hope you will get to know me! I'm a new & hope I can become on of your to go guys for pokemon. Im 19 years old , and been a fan of pokemon since Pokemon Yellow Guarenteed Satisfaction SERVICES I CAN PROVIDE ● Perfect IV Ditto's: Ditto with a...

    I need someone to make some pokes for me.

    so on Tuesday I'll need someone to get me some eggs that will hatch shiny. I'm getting my little cousin Pokémon moon for her birthday. She wanted to make a shiny box in my game lol. I probably don't have enough pc but pm me to chat about it.

    looking for certain shiny legends and shiny events.

    These are all legit ways to get these. Not interested in shiny locked Pokémon that were hacked to be shiny. So that means no shiny locked like hoopa or volcanion. These are the shinies I would like to have: Oaks letter event shiny shaymin Play! shiny mewtwo. has to be timid. Shiny birth island...
  8. N

    Closed Veritas SuMo General Store

    NLVeritas FC:2165-9832-3673 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello guys NLVeritas here. I decided to open a shop for all the items...
  9. Sombrero Guy

    Active [SHOP] Pokemon With Sombreros [6IV/Shiny/Legendary/Event/Battle-Ready]

    GRAND OPENING ~ GET 10% OFF ANY ORDER Hello and welcome to my shop. I'm new to this community but not to selling pokemon or other things. I'm a highly trusted member of another forum but this shouldn't matter here. In my shop you will find any kinds of Pokemon which are either self-bred...
  10. SimulatedComa

    Active [ONLINE NOW] ✵Simulated Coma’s Pokémon, Items & Bank Services✵

    ✵Simulated Coma’s Pokémon, Items & Bank Services✵ Hi trainers SimulatedComa here your friendly Pokémon, Items & Bank Services provider I can supply you with 99.99% of Pokémon from the SuMo/XY/ORAS games as well as a selection from Kanto and Hoenn. I charge from only 60pc per Pokémon or...

    Seeking legit shiny legendaries

    I'm looking for legit shiny starters. Also looking for a very strong max iv charizard if possible. Here's what I have to offer: Shiny aerodactyl. Lvl 100, male, jolly, rock head. In a poke ball. 6 ivs Shiny charizard. Lvl 100, male, bashful, blaze. In a poke ball. 6 ivs with pokerus. Shiny...
  12. SimulatedComa

    Closed For Sale Lucky Egg

    Lucky Egg 150PC
  13. Q

    Active Sun/Moon Custom Order Perfect pokemon

    Selling custom perfect pokemon for 250pc each 6 pokemon for 1000pc Let me know: (Name of Pokemon) (Gender) Shiny (Y) or (N) Held item: IVs: EVs: Ability: Level: Nature: Moves:
  14. SimulatedComa

    Active CLOSED


    Selling 7 pheramosa

    Im selling my pheramosa. 3 for 60 pc or all 7 for 100 pc. These are the natures: brave, calm, calm (spa), careful (ita), gentle, relaxed (spa), relaxed (fre). They're all untouched level 60
  16. Dark_Zephyr

    Sold LF Genning services in Sun/Moon

    Need 6 or 7 pokes genned, Please either msg me or inbox with how much you charge thanks
  17. R

    Closed Selling 10 items of your choice [Sun & Moon]

    Hello! I'm new to this website, so I need your help guys. This is my first post ever and I'm trying to sell 10 items of your choice in pokemon sun and moon. Name desired items and offer me a fair price. :)

    Looking for shiny max iv perfect kangaskhan

    I'm looking for a perfect iv shiny kangaskhan. I have a cosmog, shiny magnemite, shiny decidueye, shiny crabrawler for trade.
  19. NatoKenichi

    Active ~~ Bloo's Custom SuMo Pokemon Shop! ~~ Guaranteed Fast and Cheap! :3

    ~ Bloo's Custom SuMo Pokemon Shop! ~ SHOP STATUS: CLOSED Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to my store front! :3 IGN: Bloo FC: 1779 - 3879 - 9768 About Me: My name is Taylor and I've been a buyer of perfect Pokemon for a while now and with a few months of time and money I've been able...

    Looking for Shiny sandygast or pallosand

    I'm looking for a shiny sandygast or pallosand. I have a shiny zubat, shiny roggenrola, shiny magnemite, shiny jangmo-o for trade.