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Discussion in 'Buy/Sell Perfect Pokémon' started by Taylorthechainer, May 28, 2016.

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    Hey guys!

    I am back after finishing my degree, and as such am back to make you some perfect pokes.

    Cost per normal 6 IV poke is going to be 85 credits

    Cost for HA / egg move(s) 6 IV poke 100

    If you buy a full team you will get a 10% discount, and as an added bonus you will receive items 6 master balls or 6 large nuggets with your team.

    IF you buy a Full box receive Free EV training on 2 teams as well as free masterballs/ large nuggets

    I hope to hear from you all soon! Please follow the order form below to put it in, and I will get to breeding!

    1. Pokemon (so I know what you want me to breed ;) )
    2. Desired Nature
    3. HA (yes or no)
    4. Egg moves
    5. Anything else you guys want

    Please note
    All are bred by me in game, and as such I Cannot breed legitimate shinies in a short time frame.
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