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Discussion in 'Buy/Sell Perfect Pokémon' started by Hero of Time, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. Hero of Time

    Hero of Time Youngster Joey

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    I breed custom shiny/non-shiny pokemon, any pokemon you want to have the desired egg moves Ability and more.
    Prices include IV Spread, Hidden Ability, Egg Moves, Hidden Power, movesets, Held Items, Trained/Untrained!! Fair Pricing!

    Single pokémon: 20 PC each Untrained lv 1 /45 PC for Fully Trained lv 100

    Teams: 120 PC for 6 lv 1 Shinies/non-shinies+5-6iv
    240 PC for 6 lv 100 EV trained Battle Ready Shinies/Non-Shinies

    Items: 20 PC each

    Breeding Dittos: 30 PC each

    *held items are included in the prices for pokemon and teams
    **prices updated
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  2. shiny luma

    shiny luma Pokémon Trainer

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    can you please breed me a shiny spiritomb and a shiny a shuckle please. can you PM me next time your online so I can give you more specific detail
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  3. Krelbit

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    I feel as if you can't really say you're "breeding a custom shiny."

    It's more like "using software to generate your desired pokemon"

    Breeding more or less paints the picture of legitimacy, and you can legitimately breed a 6IV shiny I do applaud you. However, the chances of that are so extremely low that you almost have to be hacking (which is not a bad thing, just own up to it or you might have problems down the road).

    That being said, you cannot charge 100pc for a team of 6. Each pokemon has to be 20pc minimum, regardless of sales or discounts or whatnot.

    Kinda sucks selling for 20pc.
  4. Ary

    Ary Scare Queen Will Not Fall Journalist Friendzilla Donor Iron Will Team Quasar

    ignoring the rest of wt he said ^^^^^this is correct plz adjust ur prices ty
  5. Tsashi

    Tsashi Youngster Joey

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    Albeit everything they said, I'd be interested in a perfect IV foreign Ditto, so I can try out the Masuda method more often, would it be 50pc still?
  6. Hero of Time

    Hero of Time Youngster Joey

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    I'll do 30 for the 6iv Ditto holding a destiny knot

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