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  1. Cheza

    Pokémon Sun&Moon - Snorlax the Pulverizing Pancake - PP Times

    Similar to mega stones, it looks like Z-Moves will only be activated if your Pokémon is holding the correct item to trigger it. With specific Pokémon having their own Z-Moves. When Snorlax is holding the Snorlium Z, they'll be able to use Pulverizing Pancake. A special pre-order Munchlax will...
  2. Cheza

    Team Elite Let's Plays

    Are you currently replaying a Pokemon game, or rom hack? Post about your adventure here! :D
  3. Cheza

    Team Elite Custom Banner

    Hello everyone, If you'd like to use our teams custom cloud banner, please request to have it manually added here! :D
  4. Cheza

    Teams Can Now Use Custom Banners

    If you're the owner of an official team, and would your team to use a custom banner, please send a request to @Cheza. You must provide an appropriate 134x18 sized image to be used for your banner, and disable your teams current banner for this to work correctly. :)
  5. Cheza

    Pokémon Sun&Moon - Surfing Pikachu Returns With Alolan Form Raichu! - PP Times

    Nintendo has released their teaser trailer officially confirming the Pokémon revealed by CoroCoro leaks yesterday. The English translations of Yowashi, and Namakobushi are Wishwashi, and Pyukumuku. And we're given another Grass/Fairy Pokémon in Morelull. Team Skull is looking to be a group of...
  6. Cheza

    Active Your Very Own Mimikyu Before Sun&Moon Release!

    Does anyone else remember ding these as a small child? It's a papercraft! This one is of Mimikyu, and was created by MagicBunnyArt. It's recommended that you print on yellow tinted paper for better colouration. :)
  7. Cheza

    Are Alola Region Forms Drastically Changing The Metagame? Secret Evolutions Revealed! - PP Times

    As always, new Alola Region Pokémon have been revealed! The little and big sandcastles are called Sunabaa and Shirodesuna respectively, and are both Ghost/Ground type Pokémon. The pre-evolution of everyone's favourite Bewear is called Nuikoguma! Who is just as, if not cuter, than its evolution...
  8. Cheza

    PerfectBattlersLeague Season 2 Draft Results - Meet The Teams! - PP Times

    Welcome everyone, to the second season of PerfectPokemon's PerfectBattlersLeague! Over a couple of days, 16 teams drafted 3 Pokemon from the OU, UU, RU, and NU tiers, which they'll use against one another over 15 weekly battles. The above video, courtesy of @Yungfaux, captures the resulting...
  9. Cheza

    Pokémon Sun&Moon - 6 New Pokémon, New Alola Region Forms, Z-powers, and Trail Captains! - PP Times

    In this trailer, we're shown six new Pokémon; Mudbray, Oricorio, Gumshoos, Minior, Fomantis, and Lurantis! Plus new Alola Region Forms of the first generation Pokémon we love. A new challenge awaits us in the Alola Region with the introduction of Trail Captains! Along with a new method of...
  10. Cheza

    Guide to the Role-playing forum

    Welcome to the Role-playing forum, Anyone can create their own role-play at anytime, and all role-playing on the website should be posted here. Only participants of a role-play should post on threads. If you're not participating in a role-play, do not post. While posting, be respectful, and...
  11. Cheza

    Pokémon Sun&Moon Rowlet Litten & Popplio Final Evolutions (SPOILERS!)

    The following images are Chinese leaks of the final evolutions of the Alola region starters; Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. These images are NOT confirmed, however, they’re being rapidly removed from Google search engine. With that said, along with the “confidential” stamp, these images could be...
  12. Cheza

    PP Times - Pokémon Sun & Moon Confirmed! (02/26/16)

    ~ PP Times ~ Pokémon Sun & Moon Confirmed! It's official! The game we've all been waiting for will be released world wide Winter 2016! What do you hope this generation brings to the Pokémon series? Post your answers down below!