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  1. Cheza

    Pokémon Sun&Moon - When Silvadi Trusts Its Trainer It Can Be Every Type At Once! - PP Times

    These are the images confirming what was revealed by CoroCoro yesterday, and more information about Silvadi is given. Type: Null will evolve into Silvadi when it trusts its trainer, and when holding an item called Memory, will be every typing. This Pokémon will change colour depending on its...
  2. Cheza

    Pokémon Sun&Moon - UB02 Absorption And UB02 Beauty Are Enemies Of Alola? - PP Times

    The first game footage of Ultra Beasts is here! With UB02-Expansion being changed to its English name of UB02-Absorption. From the looks of things, Ultra Beasts are enemies in the Alola Region? What do you think of Ultra Beasts? Post your thoughts below!
  3. Cheza

    Pokémon Sun&Moon - Pokémon Snap Returns With Ultra Beasts And Type: Null! - PP Times

    So many good things. A new Pokémon called Type: Null is revealed, but don't be fooled, this isn't a new typing. Type: Null is a normal type Pokémon with the ability Battle Armor. We're also shown an adorable new dragon type Pokémon called Jangmo-o, and an Alola Raticate, who I have the sneaking...
  4. Cheza

    Active XY & ORAS Event Collecting

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping to get the communities support in collecting as many 6th generation events as possible. Any donations, or loans of events in order to collect its information would be very much appreciated. This information will be used to create a page which is accessible to everyone...
  5. Cheza

    Artistic Expression

    Share your art here!
  6. Cheza

    Team Elite Custom Banner

    Hello everyone, If you'd like to use our teams custom cloud banner, please request to have it manually added here! :D
  7. Cheza

    Teams Can Now Use Custom Banners

    If you're the owner of an official team, and would your team to use a custom banner, please send a request to @Cheza. You must provide an appropriate 134x18 sized image to be used for your banner, and disable your teams current banner for this to work correctly. :)
  8. Cheza

    Pokémon Sun&Moon - Kanto Pokémon and Alola Region Forms Will Coexist? - PP Times

    Alolan region forms have become one of the most controversial topics in Pokémon. With many people being unsure of how they feel seeing the original Kanto Pokémon transformed in a new way. However, in recent theories, there is plenty of evidence showing that Alolan forms will not replace Kanto...
  9. Cheza

    Pokémon Sun&Moon - Mystery Pokémon Namakobushi The Boxing Sea Cucumber? - PP Times

    Today, CoroCoro released a new image, revealing yet another new Alola Pokémon! Currently, nothing is known about this Pokémon other than its name; Namakobushi. Apparently, this sea cucumber looking creature is able to pop out its insides, and use them as a fist! What do you think about this...
  10. Cheza

    Are Alola Region Forms Drastically Changing The Metagame? Secret Evolutions Revealed! - PP Times

    As always, new Alola Region Pokémon have been revealed! The little and big sandcastles are called Sunabaa and Shirodesuna respectively, and are both Ghost/Ground type Pokémon. The pre-evolution of everyone's favourite Bewear is called Nuikoguma! Who is just as, if not cuter, than its evolution...
  11. Cheza

    Pokémon Sun&Moon - New & Updated Gaming Mechanics!

    This teaser trailer was just released, and shows off the mechanics of the game looking freshened up for a new generation! What are you most excited for?
  12. S


    Trading Mew codes. Looking for battle ready pokemon from kalos. Also looking for new borns with good natures and moves. Would also like items too :) so whatever you have that is good for online gameplay ill trade you for some Mew codes. there all legit, ill send pictures if need be. Thanks and...
  13. Cheza

    XY&Z Giveaway - Shiny Xerneas & Yveltal!

    Shiny Xerneas & Yveltal Giveaway! If you're a proud member of Team ELITE and would like one of the shiny XY&Z legendary Pokémon leave a comment on this post! Both Xerneas & Yveltal are "Battle Ready" with Smogon movesets! Giveaway Ends: December 6th 2015