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    Alolan region forms have become one of the most controversial topics in Pokémon. With many people being unsure of how they feel seeing the original Kanto Pokémon transformed in a new way. However, in recent theories, there is plenty of evidence showing that Alolan forms will not replace Kanto forms in the Alola region.

    As the story goes, the player, and their family, moved to the Alola region from the Kanto region. In one of the first trailers, we're shown a scene with the players mother, and sitting behind her, a Kanto Meowth. This supports the theory that Pokémon transferred from previous games will retain their Kanto forms.

    In a recent trailer, it's said that the Alolan region Meowth is bred by the Alolan royal family. This claim too, supports the idea of coexisting forms.

    Lastly, we'll backtrack to the original Pokémon anime. Our heros traveled throughout the Kanto region, and met many different types of Pokémon. Sometimes, these Pokémon looked quite different from the way we usually saw them. This was explained to be caused by an environmental change. The Pokémon living in different areas had changed in appearance based on the foods they ate, which were different from other areas in Kanto. With the recent Alolan forms referencing old Kanto lure (Ghost Marowak, surfing Pikachu), it's very likely that Nintendo is reusing some of their old plot points in a new way.

    In recent theories, it looks like the Alolan region forms will only effect Pokémon bred, catch, or evolved in the Alolan region.

    What are your theories on this topic?

    Post your thoughts down below!
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    Something I was thinking that all the regular forms won't be able to find in the games or low chances or easy to find but different areas. And maybe theirs something to use to breed it into its different forms like an item. Since so far all the forms are kanto pokemon, there probably going to connect Sun and Moon with the 3ds versions of Red, Yellow, and Blue to get the regular pokes in the game easier.
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    That was the plan for the red/blue/yellow games. :)

    There was also a Mew event which stats that it can be traded to Sun and Moon.
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    Similar to Gold/Silver/Pearl, it may be the case that the player becomes able to visit Kanto after beating the elite four, making original forms accessible.

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